Who Does Venom Fight In The First Movie?

Venom is one of the most popular comic book characters of all time, and his first movie was hotly anticipated. So who does Venom fight in the first movie? Read on to find out!

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In the first Venom movie, released in 2018, the title character Venom fights a number of villains including Carlton Drake, the head of the Life Foundation; Riot, one of the Life Foundation’s Symbiotes; and various henchmen.

The Villains of Venom

Venom, one of Spider-Man’s most iconic foes, finally got his own movie in 2018. The movie was a hit with fans, and leave many wondering who the villain was. In the first movie, Venom’s main foe was Carlton Drake, the head of the Life Foundation. The Life Foundation is a organization that Drake created to prepare for the end of the world.

The First Fight

Venom’s first major fight in the movie is against the security guards at the research facility where he was being held captive. He easily dispatches them and then goes on to face off against his main opponent for the movie, Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed).

The Second Fight

Venom’s first fight in the movie is against a thug who is trying to rob a store. Venom easily defeats him, but the police arrive and Venom escapes.

The Third Fight

The third fight in the movie is between Venom and the Sandman.

The Fourth Fight

The final battle in Venom is between Eddie Brock and Carlton Drake. This is the culmination of the film’s main plot, in which Carlton corporate greed has endangering innocent human lives in his pursuit of aliens and their technology. In this scene, Drake has taken a Venom-like form himself, and the two fight to the death. Brock eventually emerges victorious, but not before Drake mortally wounds him.

The Fifth Fight

In the fifth and final fight of the movie, Venom battles Carlton Drake aka Riot. Riot is able to take control of other symbiotes and is nearly able to defeat Venom. However, in a desperate move, Venom McLaughlin inside of him, allowing him to finally defeat Riot.

The Sixth Fight

The sixth and final fight in Venom’s debut movie is against spider-man himself. This is the most anticipated fight in the movie, and it does not disappoint. Venom and Spider-Man go back and forth, landing punches and kicks while trading witty jibes. In the end, it’s a evenly matched fight, but Venom ultimately emerges victorious after Spider-Man runs out of webbing.

The Final Fight

The final fight in the first Venom movie is between Venom and Carlton Drake, the founder and CEO of the Life Foundation.


Venom does not have an easy time of it in his first movie. He is constantly fighting off other parasites, as well as the host that he shares with Eddie Brock. However, he is eventually able to come to an understanding with both Brock and the other parasites, and they work together to defeat the villain of the film.

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