Where Was The Movie Tombstone Filmed?

The following five “contemporary movies” were shot in Tucson In “Tombstone,” which was shot at Old Tucson Studios, Kurt Russell portrays Wyatt Earp. Vintage Tucson Studios For the 1940 film Arizona, starring William Holden and Jean Arthur, Old Tucson was first constructed in 1939 by Columbia Pictures on land held by Pima County as a recreation of Tucson in the 1860s. In 40 days, workers constructed more than 50 structures. There are still several of the buildings remaining. Old Tucson Studios may be found on Wikipedia. Wikipedia from 1993: Old Tucson Studios. Tombstone was filmed at Old Tucson Studios.

Similarly, Where did they shoot Wyatt Earp?

North Mexico

Also, it is asked, Were any movies filmed in Tombstone?

“Tombstone, Arizona, USA” is a match for the shooting location (Sorted by Popularity Ascending) (2007) Ghost Adventures Until 2004, Ghost Hunters (1967–1971) The High Chaparral The Paranormal Files (2010–2012): Fact or Faked Died Men (2018) Return to Tombstone, Wyatt Earp (1994 TV Movie) Three Paradise Tickets (2021) 2017 Bisbee (2018)

Secondly, What was Doc Holliday dying from?

Date of death for NovemDoc Holliday

Also, What cemetery is Wyatt Earp buried in?

Wyatt Earp’s burial place is Hills of Eternity Memorial Park in Colma, California.

People also ask, How old was Doc Holliday when he passed away?

Doc Holliday lived for 36 years (1851–1887).

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Are the cowboys in Tombstone real?

The “Cowboys,” led by “Old Man” Clanton, included his sons Ike, Billy, and Phin, as well as Tom and Frank McLaury, Curly Bill Brocius, Johnny Ringo, Pete Spence, and a number of others, many of whom may not have actively taken part in their criminal activities but who supported or disregarded them, like Sheriff Johnny.

What kind of shotgun did Doc Holliday use?

Both double action Colt Lightning pistols, caliber 38. Never before, much alone the, was a shotgun Holliday’s weapon of choice. He was often credited with the 10 gauge Meteor “whipit,” a double-barreled shotgun reduced to only 20″. At the firefight in Tombstone, Virgil gave him a shotgun, which he utilized.

How old was Wyatt Earp in Tombstone?

Wyatt Earp lived for 80 years (1848–1929).

Is Val Kilmer rich?

In 2021, “Val,” a documentary on his life, was made available on Amazon Prime. He was one of the most paid performers in the world throughout the 1990s, and today, according to Celebrity Net Worth, his estimated net worth is $25 million.

Does it snow in Tombstone Arizona?

The average annual rainfall in Tombstone, Arizona, is 14 inches. The average annual rainfall in the US is 38 inches. Snowfall in Tombstone annually averages 1 inch. Snowfall in the US averages 28 inches a year.

Is Tombstone safe to visit?

Some may just have a “no trespassingsign while others may be legally closed off. The mines are unstable from all sides, the top, and the bottom. If you truly want to visit a mine, go on a licensed mine tour in Bisbee or Tombstone.

How much does it cost to go to Tombstone AZ?

Numerous Tombstone businesses, eateries, and attractions are open every day of the week. Please be aware that each company is independently owned and that it determines its own operating days and hours. A. There is no entrance charge to Tombstone, Arizona since it is a working town.

What was Doc Holliday’s last words?

It is said that he requested a whiskey shot as he was dying. According to the legend, Doc fully anticipated dying in a firefight, but when he found himself at death’s door in a bed instead, he saw the comedy of his predicament and said, “This is amusing.”

What was Doc Holliday’s famous saying?

T-shirts and memes everywhere include the line, “I’m your huckleberry,” said by Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday in the movie. You may be shocked to find that Doc Holliday delivered the statement in the movie as well.

What did Doc Holliday say after he shot Johnny Ringo?

I just don’t believe I could take it! You’re no daisy, Johnny Ringo, said Doc Holliday after shooting him in a duel.

How much of Tombstone is true?

Tombstone is historically true to some extent. In reality, some of the more unbelievable events are recorded, such as when Bill Brosius misses Wyatt three times at point-blank range before Wyatt is sliced in half by Earp with a shotgun.

Was there a Doc Holliday?

John Henry Holliday, sometimes known as Doc Holliday, was a gambler, a shooter, and occasionally a dentist in the American West. He was born in Griffin, Georgia, and died in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, in November.

Can you visit Wyatt Earp’s grave?

In the Colma Historical Museum, the headstone that was discovered is currently on exhibit. The tomb of Wyatt Earp receives the most visitors in Colma, California. Park near the sixth sidewalk on Main Road. A family tomb with the name C exists.

What does Lunger mean in Tombstone?

due to TB

What did Wyatt Earp say about Doc Holliday?

Doc Holliday was not a saint, and no one understands that better than I do, Lake has Earp remark. However, even the Devil has a right to justice, and for reasons that will become clear, I want to see Doc Holliday get it. This highlights Wyatt’s kindness rather than Doc’s faults.

Where is the O.K. Corral located?

Arizona Territory: Tombstone

How much did Doc Holliday’s gun sell for?

Some things in the Friday’s auction went for as low as a few hundred dollars. Al Seiber, the head of the Apache scouts, had a 45-caliber single-action handgun, which sold for $18,500.

How was Wyatt Earp when he died?

At the age of 80, Earp passed away in January at his home in Los Angeles, likely from chronic cystitis.

Who did Doc Holliday marry?

Large-Nosed Kate Spouse Doc Holliday (m. 1877–1882) Old West gunfighter Doc Holliday’s lifelong partner and common-law wife, Mary Katherine Horony Cummings, sometimes known as Big Nose Kate, was an American prostitute of Hungarian descent. Wikipedia

How many Earp brothers died in Tombstone?

Earp brothers, three

What disease does Val Kilmer have?

The actor’s speech has been significantly altered since he had a tracheotomy some years ago as part of his battle with throat cancer. Kilmer barely appears in person in one scene, yet his presence permeates the whole film.

Does anybody live in Tombstone Arizona?

Arizonan town of Tombstone has 1,209 residents. Cochise County contains Tombstone. Residents in Tombstone enjoy a suburban and rural mix, and the majority own their houses. There are several bars and eateries in Tombstone.

What is the best time of year to go to Tombstone Arizona?

March through May or mid- to late-fall are the ideal times to travel across the southeast region of Arizona. Late October, with the Helldorado Days celebration, is a fantastic time to visit Tombstone.


The “mescal movie set location” is a question that has been asked many times. The film Tombstone was filmed in the town of Bisbee, Arizona.

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