How Many Movies Has Morgan Freeman Been In?

Similarly, How many movies does Morgan Freeman act?

He’s starred in over 100 films, and we’ve selected some of his best performances. In Spanish | Morgan Freeman has been so successful for so long that it’s easy to forget that he didn’t make his big screen debut until he was 50, in 1987’s Street Smart.

Also, it is asked, What actor has been in the most movies ever?

Eric Roberts (#1) Mickey Rooney (351)John Carradine (335) Trejo, Danny (317) Willard, Fred (291) Robert Loggia (247)Sir Christopher Lee (265)Stephen Tobolowsky (251)Michael Ironside (251) (228).

Secondly, What is Morgan Freeman most famous movie?

Morgan Freeman’s Top Films, Ranked One-Million-Dollar-Baby 2 Miss Daisy is being driven. 3 Se7en. The Shawshank Redemption is number four. Lean on me, number five. 6 Lucy. Invictus, number seven. The Dark Knight is number eight. In The Dark Knight trilogy, Christopher Nolan made an excellent decision in casting Morgan Freeman as the tech wizard Lucius Fox.

Also, What is Morgan Freeman’s highest grossing movie?

Morgan Freeman’s films are ranked according to their box office success. The Return of the Dark Knight (2012) PG-13 | 164 minutes | Action, Drama Batman: The Dark Knight (2008) Bruce the Great (2003) Lucy (I) (2014) The Prince of Thieves, Robin Hood (1991) Batman Is Born (2005) You may now see me (I) (2013) Deep Effect (1998)

People also ask, What disease does Morgan Freeman have?

Following a vehicle accident in 2009, American actor Morgan Freeman revealed his diagnosis with fibromyalgia in 2013. “Excruciating pain up and down the arm” is one of Freeman’s symptoms. Fibromyalgia is a persistent pain and discomfort disorder affecting the joints, muscles, tendons, and other tissues.

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Has Morgan Freeman been in a Marvel movie?

In the upcoming thriller The Minute You Wake Up Dead, Jaimie Alexander, best known for her role as Lady Sif in Thor, is joined by Morgan Freeman and Yellowstone’s Cole Hauser, according to Deadline.

What female actor has been in the most movies?

250 films by Gertrude Astor Her cinematic career spanned almost a century, from 1915 until 1962. Her name appears in 285 films, most of which are in supporting parts.

What height is Morgan Freeman?

6′ 2″ Height of Morgan Freeman

Where is Morgan Freeman today?

Freeman splits his time between New York City and Charleston, Mississippi. He has a private pilot’s license and co-owns and manages Madidi, a fine dining restaurant, and Ground Zero, a blues club, both in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

What is Morgan Freeman’s age?

84 years (J) Age / Morgan Freeman

Who is Morgan Freeman wife?

1984–2010: Myrna Colley-Leem 1967–1979: Jeanette Adair Bradshawm

Does Morgan Freeman have kids?

Freeman, Alfonso Freeman, Morgana Freeman, Saifoulaye Freeman, Deena

Is Morgan Freeman still making movies?

The comic noir thriller “The Minute You Wake Up Dead” also stars Cole Hauser and Jaimie Alexander. CANTON, Mississippi — Morgan Freeman plays a small-town sheriff in a film that started production in Mississippi this week.

What happened to Morgan Freeman’s left hand?

Freeman has been had to wear the compression glove after an automobile accident in which his vehicle overturned and rolled in 2008. His left hand is paralyzed due to nerve injury, and he wears the glove sporadically to prevent blood from pooling in his hand.

Is Morgan Freeman still married?

The terms of the divorce remain confidential, according to Wright. “There was no trial,” Wright stated on Friday. “Everyone is relieved that it’s finished.” After 26 years of marriage, Freeman and his now ex-wife, Myrna Colley-Lee, divorced in December 2007.

Is Dwayne Johnson the richest actor?

Dwayne Johnson’s Salary However, his ranking as the world’s second highest-paid actor is a step down from his sixth-place finish on Forbes’ 2018 list, when his earnings totaled $124 million.

Who is the god of acting?

Mohanlal is known as the acting god. His innate acting skill is remarkable. As a result, he got several prizes and honors. 5 National Honors

Who has won the most Academy Awards for acting?

Hepburn, Katharine

Who is the richest black man in Hollywood?

$13.5 billion: Aliko Dangote. $9.1 billion, according to Mike Adenuga. $5 billion, according to Robert Smith. $4 billion, according to David Steward. $3.2 billion Abdul Samad Rabiu $3.1 billion for Kanye West. $2.7 billion for Oprah Winfrey. Masiyiwa Strive, $2.4 billion

What is Morgan Freemans real name?

Freeman, Morgan Porterfield Jr. Morgan Freeman’s full name is Morgan Freeman.

How much does Morgan Freeman weight?

– 174 pounds

How old was Morgan Freeman when he started acting?

the age of nine

How do I contact Morgan Freeman?

To contact Morgan Freeman’s celebrity agency, Stan Rosenfield & Associates, Inc., please call (310) 286-7474. It’s one of the most effective methods to convey your message or desires to him. You may also send your wishes, greetings, or offers to the fax number (310) 286-2255.

How old is Will Smith?

53 years (Septem.) Age of Will Smith

How old is Anthony Hopkins?

84 years (Decem.) Age of Anthony Hopkins

How tall is Ruffalo?

5′ 8″ Height of Mark Ruffalo

Who is Morgan Freeman’s daughter?

Freeman, Morgana Freeman, Deena

How old is Myrna Colley-Lee?

81 years old (1941) Age / Myrna Colley-Lee

What is Morgan Freeman’s birthday?

J (84 years old) Morgan Freeman / Birthdate

Does Morgan Freeman have an actor son?

Freeman, Alfonso Freeman, Saifoulaye

Who were Morgan Freeman’s parents?

Edna Revere, Mayme Freeman Morgan Porterfield

How old is Deena?

66 years (Febru.) Age: Deena Freeman

How old is Morgan Fairchild?

72 years (Febru) Age: Morgan Fairchild

What happened to Morgan Freeman’s right arm?

During an automobile accident in 2008, Freeman sustained nerve damage to his arm. He was driving when his automobile rolled over numerous times, critically injuring him and his accused mistress Demaris Meyer. He announced his divorce from wife Myrna four days later.

Is Morgan Freeman a handicap?

Morgan Freeman claims to have just one flaw: the space between his ears. GOLF Magazine published this interview in their April edition. Well, I have to admit, your voice is unmistakable.

Who is Denzel Washington’s wife?

Washington, Pauletta Wife of Denzel Washington (m. 1983)

Who is the richest black actress?

Janet Jackson is the richest black actress, with a net worth of $175 million. Halle Berry has an estimated net worth of $80 million. Queen Latifah has a net worth of $60 million dollars. Phylicia Rashad has a net worth of $55 million dollars. Raven-Symone has a net worth of $55 million dollars. Whoopi Goldberg has a net worth of $45 million dollars.


Morgan Freeman is an American actor, film director, and producer. He has been in over 100 films since the 1970s. His net worth is estimated to be $300 million.

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